What should I use BillPin for?

Shared rent, groceries, meals, movie tickets, joint gifts, poker aftermath, etc.

Where can I use BillPin?
Here at BillPin.com of course! But we also have iOS and Android apps for those of you on the go.

What happens when I pin a bill with a friend?
We will send an email to alert your friend of the new record.

How do you decide who gets the last 1 cent?
When faced with an impossible situation, such as when 3 people try to split a bill of $10, we consult our oracle, and her pet squirrels roll the dice to decide who has to pay the 1 extra cent. The squirrels assure us that the process is fair and just.

What if there’s an error on a bill?
You can always void the bill (the person who pinned the bill will get alerted), and re-pin a new bill with the correct details.

How do I delete a bill?
You don’t have to. If you recorded something wrongly, simply void it and the amounts will be reversed.

Why can’t I completely delete a bill?
Well, once upon a time. There was a guy, I think his name was Shylock. He deleted bills whenever someone pins them, hoping that over time his friends would forget what he owed. Sure enough, some did. To prevent that from happening, you can’t completely delete a bill. But you can void it if you disagree with it or have entered it wrongly.

Will BillPin spam me?
No. We hate spam as much as you do! You control if you want to receive email alerts. Though for the sake of open transparency, if you pin a bill with a friend, your friend will be notified by email.

Why do I not need to sign in sometimes?
To make it more convenient for you, BillPin remembers you for 30 days whenever you sign in. You can manually sign out at the Settings page.

How do I use BillPin for my club or company?
We use BillPin to simplify own company expense claims process, and you can do it too! Simply sign up for a BillPin account under a company email address like [email protected], and start pinning bills to it.

We also take photos of the receipts, upload them to a folder in Dropbox, and chuck them right away. No more paper clutter! Let us know if you have any other cool ideas on how you use BillPin for your company!

Why are you doing this?
Because hanging out and doing stuff with friends is fun, but sorting out the money is not. It is awkward and sometimes nasty. We believe if we can make it easier to split bills and record them upfront and transparently between friends, it can help reduce friction and maybe even save a few friendships.

What else are you working on?
New features to let users split a bill to multiple friends, an Android app, and a time machine, amongst other things. Let us know what else should be on the list!

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