Beer, now a legitimate currency!

By Saurabh Mandar On July 4, 2013 · 5 Comments
There has been a lot going on at the Pincho-house lately, tons of app enhancements, feature roll-outs and crazy 24 hour marathons!


Today marks the end of our June rush, with the release of the single biggest feature update (technically at least) that we have made since our humble beginnings less than a year ago – support for multiple currencies on BillPin.

Yup thats right! The next time you go to BillPin, you will be given the option to set up a default currency for your account. What this also means is that going forward, you can pin your friends for those beers they owe you after a crazy night out 🙂

We are starting out with over 40 currencies, but just in case you dont find your currency in there.. drop us a line with your preferred currency at [email protected] and we will get it in asap.

Selecting a default account currency

Say there is super awesome dude Bjorn, and his awesomeness is amplified by his devotion towards BillPin to track his shared expenses with his buddies. The first time Bjorn comes to BillPin next, he choses USD as his default currency. On doing that, all his existing past transactions with friends are now assigned USD as their currency.

Now one of Bjorn’s friend’s, say Linda decides to set her default currency to Euros since she is now living in the city of lights and love. But Bjorn still owes her some USD, what happens of that? Well, this is how it works –

Since he was the first one to choose a default currency, his preference takes priority over Linda’s such that all the transactions between the two of them remain in USD even though Linda set a separate default currency. So when Linda goes to the home page after selecting her currency, she will have one set of balances in Euros and another in USD with Bjorn. (can be accesses from top right on the website)

But what if Linda had set her currency before Bjorn did?

Updating currencies for individual friends

friendcurrency1In that case, all they have to do is to go to their account settings on the web ( and hit the “Customise friends’ currencies” at the bottom.

Bjorn can simply change the currency against Linda to USD and hit done. That’s it, simple enough!

Updating currency for an individual transaction


At the same time, Linda and Bjorn now have the flexibility to edit the currency for any transactions they have had in the past.

They can just open the transaction on web, hit the “update currency” button on bottom left and choose the new currency for that particular transaction!


Oh..and did we mention that the apps will not be fast, they will be blazing fast!

We are super stoked about all the new stuff we are launching today (the gif says it all), and would love to hear your thoughts/feedback/suggestions!

PS. There is a small chance that you might see some funky stuff going on, with your balances or transactions changing over the next few days. It is likely because all of your friends will also be updating their accounts simultaneously. And in case anyone of you also update currencies for some old transactions (the two cases above), things would move around a bit. Just make your changes and give it a day or two to settle down, and in case you still face any problems feel free to drop us a line!

A big thanks to Jon Russell – Asia Editor, The Next Web (Twitter: @jonrussell) for suggesting beer as a currency!
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5 Responses to Beer, now a legitimate currency!
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yellowhatcoder says:
July 9, 2013 at 5:19 pm
question: is it possible to settle a bitcoin amount owed directly by launching a locally installed bitcoin wallet?

Darius Cheung says:
July 9, 2013 at 5:51 pm
Currently, not yet, but we are working on a feature that let you tell your friends how they can pay you to settle up, such as your bank account number, paypal email address, or BTC wallet address. Coming soon!

yellowhatcoder says:
July 10, 2013 at 12:25 am
if you need help integrating to android bitcoin wallets, drop me a line andreas.petersson – a –